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Ryan Holeywell | @RyanHoleywell | November 24, 2015

UE-PODCAST_EmblemWhat better way to travel this Thanksgiving than with the latest episode of the Urban Edge podcast, delivered just in time for your holiday vacation.

This month Senior Editor Ryan Holeywell and Content Editor Andrew Keatts discuss two popular articles from the blog.

First, Keatts discuses the plight of so-called “invisible cyclists,” who make up the bulk of bicyclists but often are overlooked by the bicycling advocacy community.┬áThen, Holeywell talks about his recent visit inside the long-empty Astrodome and the ongoing fight in Houston to save the iconic structure.

You can stream the latest episode below and check out the other episodes on our podcast page. Or you can subscribe to the podcast — and download all the episodes — through the iTunes store here.

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