Houstonians Are Pretty Happy with Their Neighborhoods, But Experiences Vary

Leah Binkovitz | @leahbink | February 6, 2017


Across the board, Houstonians are generally pretty happy with their neighborhoods, according to recently released data from the American Housing Survey. The majority of respondents across race and ethnicity ranked their neighborhoods either a six or higher when asked to rate their neighborhood on a one to 10 scale.

But they reported different experiences in those neighborhoods.

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While 16 percent of black survey respondents said their neighborhoods had a lot of serious crime, only five percent of white survey respondents said the same. In general, black and Hispanic residents reported higher rates of vandalized and abandoned buildings nearby, trash on their street and other quality of life concerns than white and Asian residents. The residents also answered survey questions about things like school quality, access to transit and community security.

The findings echo those of the most recent Kinder Houston Area Survey, which found that most Houstonians have positive economic outlooks and rate their quality of life high. According to that report, “38 percent of area residents in both 2015 and 2016, more than at any time in the past decade, asserted that living conditions in the Houston area have generally been “getting better” over the past 3 to 4 years.” Still the usual frustrations remained: traffic, pollution and crime.

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Leah Binkovitz

Leah Binkovitz is Senior Editor with the Kinder Institute for Urban Research.

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