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  1. – Build transportation hub in downtown for buses, light rail(2 lines), commuter rail(2 lines), Amtrak

    – Commuter train from Fanin light rail station to Sugarland
    – Commuter Train from Fannin light rail station to Galveston that stops at Hobby airport, Pearland, League city; ends either near cruise ship terminal or near beaches; create connection to Ellington airport after Spaceport is established
    – Commuter Train from downtown transportation hub to Woodlands that stops at Bush airport
    – Commuter Train from downtown transportation hub to Katy that stops in Memorial

    – Light rail from downtown transportation hub to Memorial city mall along Washington and stops at Dallas train station
    – Light rail from southwest loop of 610 to I-45 along Braeswood
    – Light rail from Hilcroft Transit center along Richmond to downtown (along Austin st.)
    – Light rail along Westheimer to I-45
    – Light rail from Bellaire Transit center to Northwest Mall/Dallas train station
    – Extend purple line to Hobby airport

  2. Everything Avi Levy said but with an alternative route to Hobby Airport
    – Continue the Green Line Rail down Harrisburg to Broadway until you reach Hobby Airport.
    -Commuter Rail to the major suburbs similar to Dallas/Denver
    – Give people visiting the option to see the beach without needing to rent a car.

  3. Green Line to Hobby-Magnolia Park TC to Gulfgate TC via 75th (Mason Park, HCC SE, Gulfgate Center as stations)..then on to Hobby, although this would require an overpass at Griggs due to a gas pipeline and BN train track, but ridership would be an instant success. The above-mentioned route using Harrisburg and Broadway through the ghosttown of old Harrisburg would be cheaper and faster but would not serve the people who need it.

  4. Here’s some suggestions
    -Extend the purple line to Hobby Airport
    -Extend the green line to Gulfgate and eventually Hobby Airport
    -Build the university and uptown line
    -Extend the red line to Greenspoint and then IAH
    -Light rail from TMC to Pearland and eventually Alvin
    -Commuter rail from Fannin South to Rosenberg
    -Commuter rail from Lockwood/Eastwood to Galveston with shuttle services to Hobby Airport and NASA/Space Center Houston.
    -Commuter rail from Northwest Transit Center to Hempstead
    -Commuter rail from Burnett Transit Center to Cleveland
    -Commuter rail from Hillcroft Transit Center to Fulshear
    -Commuter rail from Northwest Transit Center to Sealy
    -Commuter rail from Burnett Transit Center to Conroe with a connecting station with the red line
    -If the red line extension isn’t built then build a light rail or shuttle service from the Conroe commuter rail to IAH and to the Cleveland Commuter rail

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