Latest Podcast: Houston, You’re a Bit Dense

Ryan Holeywell | @RyanHoleywell | April 21, 2017

Image via Kinder Institute.

Houston has long been known as one of the country’s sprawl capitals. But did you know some parts of the city have higher levels of density than Chicago?

In the latest episode of the Urban Edge¬†podcast,¬†Kinder Institute researcher Kelsey Walker discusses those neighborhoods, and her new study, “Taking Stock: Housing Trends in the Houston Area.”

The report tracks the character of housing across Houston neighborhoods and documents an interesting, new trend. Today in Houston, the supply of multi-family properties and townhouses is growing faster than the stock of single-family detached homes.

To learn more about how the stock of housing in Houston is changing, stream the episode below. And be sure to visit the entire podcast archive here.

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