Undocumented Immigrants Face Another Arduous Journey Once They Get to US: Its Health Care System

Anthony Jimenez | October 20, 2016 Pedro*, a 76-year-old undocumented immigrant from Acapulco, Mexico, walked slowly towards my car. His skin was brown. His hair was gray. And he wore gloom on his face. We met outside the office of… Continue Reading

Houston Study Reveals Fault Lines of Immigration Debate

Leah Binkovitz | September 26, 2016
City-dwellers and suburbanites alike were growing more accepting of immigration, but when asked about resources, clear divisions emerged. Continue Reading

Weekly Roundup: How Parking Became One of Urban Planners’ Biggest Enemies

Ryan Holeywell | August 19, 2016
More than 30 percent of the area in many downtown cores is taken up by parked vehicles. Today, many planners are hellbent on doing something about it. Continue Reading