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  1. Jill Rafferty says:

    Had to stop listening to the Affordable Housing Podcast. (1) The 30% income/rental ratio is ideal at best. The FHA and FNMA/FHLMC housing programs all approve loans with higher ratios than that, as long as the ratios meet the ATR guidelines… Manipulate or spin your data some other place. (2) HHA and Tory Gunsolley deserve the comments received from HUD. HHA has concentrated on high-density housing. Other affordable housing is available. The affordable housing HHA is building in Studewood does not meet TDHCA tax credit guidelines, because it is a low-opportunity high crime area, with horrible schools… you know the only areas in which HHA has built or refurbished in the last five years. That is all they do. the construction has begun on the project on N. Main, and there have already been Section 3 violations and building code violations. Let’s here some indignation from you about living next horrible contractors. Now with Section 8 vouchers cut, how do you think HHA is going to met its agreements about rents? What is HHA going to do? Sell these projects for $.10 on the dollar to private equity? Have a real discussion for once.

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